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School SEK – Pacífico

The school counts on a paramedic who is at the students’ disposal during schoolday in case any incident occurs to them. This is a first aid service and under no circumstances it replaces a pediatric appointment.

In March, all parents or guardians receive a medical registration form that tracks students’ medical information for optimal service of the nurse’s office. It is the responsibility of the families to give this form back timely, to ensure up-to-date information. Students are restrained to attend any physical activity (physical education or extracurricular activities) if their medical information is missing.

When a student needs to be administered oral medicine, their parents should send an e-mail or a signed note with instructions and attaching the child’s doctor’s note and prescription. Given the critical status of this information, the school can’t consider a simple note in the student diary. The paramedic is not allowed to administer medicine if this process is not carried out. Consequently, students cannot carry any sort of medication with them or keep their medicine in their desks or lockers.

Also, the paramedic’s responsibility is to guide students, parents and teachers through conferences, professional talks and presentations about preventative school medicine and overall student health.

Because the students’ wellbeing is fundamental, the consistent update of the medical file is critical. The school will deeply appreciate any information that the families can provide through constant written communication with the staff of this department.

All the information received by the School Nurse’s Office in relation to the students’ health will be considered descriptive, not resolutive. SEK centres strongly recommend consulting a doctor for specialist guidance.

You may reach the nurse’s office at

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