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New Technologies

School SEK – Pacífico

The SEK PACÍFICO International School is a clear example of the effective and efficient application of New Technologies in education.

Since entering the school in Play Group, our students learn using the different technological tools that the Center has, thus ensuring that SEK Students use them with total naturalness and that they learn to discriminate the information offered by media such as the Internet, virtual environments ( Intranet), multimedia CD Rom, etc.

On the other hand, the center has multiple dependencies in which these new technologies are used, such as the Virtual Classroom and Library, where students find computers for educational use; the study of radio and television, fundamental in the development of learning audiovisual techniques; or the Auditorium, an ideal space for multiple cultural activities such as cinema, theater, music and dance, talks and seminars, etc. In addition to these specific spaces, each room is equipped with projectors and data show equipment as an effective resource to support teaching.

In addition, our students can interact virtually thanks to the existence of institutional email accounts under the Google Apps platform, while Third and Fourth Year students are part of an online learning community thanks to the Moodle platform application . These are instances that create a virtual educational environment permanently enriched by the contribution of our students and teachers.

Finally, in our Domus Infantis, the home of our Preschool and First Basic Cycle students, each room has LCD screens, DVDs and Internet, means to enhance learning at this early age and introduce our students to knowledge. and mastery of these innovative technologies. The use of iPad has also been incorporated for students at these levels, bringing the advances of the technological world closer to them.

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