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School History

SEK – Pacífico

The SEK Pacífico International School opened its doors in Viña del Mar in 1995, in a small headquarters on Los Fresnos Street, Miraflores, and was born from the demand in our city for an international and avant-garde education.

The SEK Pacífico International School belongs to the SEK International Institution that began in 1982 and began with the presidency of Mr. Jorge Segovia Bonet. Since then, it has grown gradually, with the opening of colleges and universities in Europe, the United States, Latin America and South Africa.

In 2002 the SEK Pacífico International School opened its new headquarters in the city of Concón, beginning a stage of innovation and change in the life of the school and in the SEK International Institution. The excellent academic and sports facilities, adapted to modern times, are part of the natural and unique environment in which the students of our school develop.

This new stage incorporates in October 2003 a new building called “Domus Vitae”, in which the best educational technologies have been applied, in convergence with the Arts, Letters and Sciences, so that SEK students receive education and interactive practices, adapted to modern times, which makes them learn constructively, meaningfully and be happier. This building, revolutionary in the world of education, is just the tip of the iceberg of all the effort that our Institution makes every day, to offer the best quality in education and training of its students, through the creation of a New Educational Paradigm.

The next stage of the school incorporates two multiple courts, a regulation grass field and a running track. In 2006 the «Domus Infantis» was built, another emblematic, modern and innovative building that children in Early Childhood Education enjoy every day. Finally, in 2009 another of the facilities most demanded by the students was inaugurated, the “Domus Ludorum”, which is a covered sports center where the semi-Olympic swimming pool is located.

The methodology of the SEK Centers encourages the application of a multimedia system where the use of cutting-edge technologies has been a fundamental axis. In this sense, since its inauguration the school has had first-rate technology, such as digital whiteboards, an iMac classroom, electronic microscopes, 3D printers, robotics equipment, along with the use of digital books and iPads for all students of the school. Along these lines, SEKApps has become a great support tool for learning. This without counting, with the specialized music classrooms, TV and Radio studios, or the specialized room for “Mini Zoo”, where students experience first-hand contact with animals, their care and study.

In addition, all students who wish to do so directly access the Institution’s International Programs, being able to participate in world cultural and sports exchanges, as can be seen on our website.

The SEK Pacífico International School guarantees an education of excellence, with values ​​as a background in all its facets and in an atmosphere that encourages the practice of sport and the development of skills in the artistic and technological areas. A comprehensive education that leads us to BE BETTER!

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