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Educational project

School SEK – Pacífico

The SEK International Institution, founded in 1892, is an educational organization that ranges from Infant, Basic and Secondary Education courses in its International Schools, to higher education levels in its Universities.

All the Centers of the International Institution SEK are officially recognized in the countries where they are located, currently having 23 Schools in Spain, Chile, Guatemala, Hungary, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Italy, Colombia, England, Mexico and the USA, as well as 3 Universities located in Chile and Ecuador.

Its aspiration is to provide an avant-garde education, privileging the tutoring system and international focus, with special emphasis on the comprehensive training of its students.

The SEK International School Educational Project defines the scope of the following concepts:

  1. An Educational Project is a proposal to specify, in specific activities, the objective of education, which is the full development of the human being, according to the desire of the United Nations and other international organizations, set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.
  2. Education must provide the means for the student to achieve the maximum fruit of the attributes that underlie him, both for his genetic heritage and for the social role that corresponds to him. These attributes make each person a unique and unrepeatable potentiality.
  3. This Educational Project contains three carefully assembled elements:
  • The definition of the character that will be printed on the student in the search for his own identity.
  • The design of the pedagogical process or curricular plan, which is the sequence of learning tasks that allow an adequate knowledge of the world and of the self.
  • The educational means and the functional characteristics of each Center, which must constitute the cultural atmosphere that strengthens the integration of meanings, whether these domains of learning or achievement of desirable behaviors.
  1. The SEK Educational Project is necessarily conditioned by a philosophical foundation: what is man and where is he going. For an interpretation of culture: what is the meaning of personal progress and social development. And, also, by the acceptance of a pedagogical doctrine: education has intrinsic values ​​and has the appropriate technology so that these values ​​are integrated into the student.
  2. The SEK Educational Project recognizes as foundations the freedom and creativity of intelligence, order and the institutional framework of social processes and the ethics of helping and respecting others, which gives importance to individual life. The character that the Institution tries to impress on its students is related to the SEK style.
  3. This character refers to the aspiration of the cultured man who seeks personal and social improvement.
  4. The SEK curriculum is supported by the official plans and programs of the States that have hosted the Institution. Based on them, constant improvements must be made
  5. The methodology of the SEK Centers, which encourages individual and group work, is diverse, open, flexible and participatory, and is based on the tutorial model and the application of the multimedia system. This personalized teaching system allows unsurpassed student support; support on the human plane; help on the material plane, in which they harmonize from constructions to school texts, through laboratories, sports centers, libraries, workshops, dining rooms, culture classrooms and student residences.

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