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School SEK – Pacífico

Transportation Routes 2020:

  • Route 1: Concón.
  • Route 2: Garden of the Sea – Reñaca.
  • Route 3: Viña del Mar (up to Uno Norte, not crossing the Estero Marga Marga bridge).



  • The College provides a school transport service with specific routes.
  • The specific regulations that regulate School Transportation are as follows:
  • Transport Contract: it is formalized indicating the option in the “Registration and Registration Form of the school” and will be subject to these regulations. If the attorney-in-fact decides to contract transportation after registration, he or she must update the file.
  • Purpose of the Contract: the school undertakes to transport the student from the address indicated in the contract to the school and vice versa. The financial manager of the student is obliged to pay the corresponding fees and to comply with the rules established for that purpose.
  • Responsible for Transportation: who will be in charge of receiving all communications from the parents of students related to this matter is Mónica Navia,
  • Vehicles: both the carriers and the vehicles that cover the transport service, comply with all the requirements of current legislation in each case. All buses are duly identified with the name of the school and route number.
  • Service Provision Period: the regular service is provided coinciding with the start and end date of the academic year.
  • Payment: the payment of the service will be made in ten equal installments to be paid together with the monthly tuition. The transport rate will not suffer increases during the school year, except for an excessive increase in the price of fuel or due to force majeure. In no case will the fees be prorated.
  • Timetable: the school will indicate at the beginning of the school year the route of the routes and the times of collection and delivery of the students. Under no circumstances will the driver warn of his arrival by means of the horn, nor will the “route manager” get off the vehicle to knock on the door of the home.
  • In the morning: the bus will arrive at the student’s home at the scheduled time, waiting at most one minute, after which the service will continue. The student must be waiting 5 minutes before the established time. If the bus arrives too early, it will wait until the appointed time.
  • In the afternoon: it will be the student’s obligation to attend transportation in a timely manner at the end of the class, as the departure will take place at the set time. The bus will not leave the school without the attendance of the students traveling on the route having been verified, with the absences being recorded. In the case of Infant Education students, they will be taken to school transportation by an assistant or teacher.

The bus will arrive at the student’s stop or home at the scheduled time, waiting at most one minute, after which the service will continue. The “route manager” will only deliver the student to a person previously authorized in writing or known personally. In case of not being authorized or the absence of the authorized person, the student will continue the route until his final stop to be taken to the school.

  • Absences: in the event that the student does not need the transportation service one day, both outward and return, those responsible for the student must notify the coordinator so that the bus does not pick him up. The carrier will not pass through the address until the person responsible for the student requests it again; for these days of absence, no refund will be made.

If the person in charge of the student wishes to withdraw his / her son / daughter before the end of the day, he / she must notify it in writing in the Secretariat of the center giving the name, course and route number in which the student is traveling. If you wish to collect it at the time of departure, you must hand-deliver the respective communication to the Transportation Coordinator.

  • Form of communication: for strict security reasons, all communications related to the transport service, such as absences, changes of address, change of collection managers, etc., must be communicated in writing (email or agenda). Verbal communications, direct or by telephone, will not be admitted.
  • Delays due to Emergencies: if the school bus is delayed, whatever the cause, the carrier will notify the coordinator, who in turn will notify the parents of the incident, so that the students wait at home until the vehicle arrives. In this situation, the student’s delay in school is not registered in the system.
  • Changes of address: they must be notified 15 days in advance. Changes in the route will be subject to the existence of routes close to the new indicated address.
  • Route modifications: students may be transferred route if the school considers it necessary for a better functioning of the service and for the good of the general interest. In this case, those responsible for the student will be notified in advance. Requests for route modification for personal reasons will not be accepted.
  • Behavior: as school transport is an extension of the activity carried out at the school, all the rules of the same will be applied, both for behavior and for damages that may be caused to vehicles.
  • Cancellation of the service: in case of wanting to do without the transport service, the attorney-in-fact must notify the Administration Director Sandra León,, in writing 30 days in advance or one calendar month. The delay in communication implies the collection of the next fee.

Exception Cases

  • Faced with a student who misses the school bus on the way home, the Transportation Coordinator will contact the student’s family and report the situation.
  • In the situation of wanting to transfer a student to a place other than the one contracted, the attorney-in-fact must inform Mónica Navia,, 48 hours before to study the feasibility of the request.
  • In case of illness of a student during the journey (vomiting, dizziness, fainting or others), priority will be given to this in the delivery to their home.
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