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School SEK – Pacífico


It is in charge of organizing, directing and stimulating the area of ​​School Guidance, coordinating its activities and unifying the criteria that must be followed in this regard. Its main objective is to professionally guide the evolutionary development process of our students.

Maintains regular contact with tutors and families who require it, providing guidance and collecting information from students.

Provides psychoeducational support based on evaluations of variables associated with study and skills in our students, in order to gradually enhance learning and establish work plans.

Provides guidelines on the comprehensive development of students in the Course Council spaces, in order to work on the values ​​associated with our Educational Project.

Perform the psychological evaluation of the students who request it, through the tutor, delivering the guidelines to follow. It should be noted that in no case may you give therapeutic treatment to students.

Maintains contact with external specialists who are performing some treatment on our students, in order to receive and transmit pedagogical or socio-emotional orientations and suggestions. For this reason, all those students who are under any treatment (speech therapy, psychopedagogical, psychological, neurological and / or psychiatric) must send the documentation to the tutor, who will establish the internal steps to follow.

Work with the parents in talks or workshops for parents, in order to enhance the development of our students. Coordinate actions that promote the integral development of the educational community.

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